Vision  & Plan 


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This is the planned custom MLK, Jr. sculpture. MLK is standing, acknowledging the past with open palm towards Confederate soldiers, looking forward towards the future dream. MLK was a true Christian minister who lived the Biblical truth and principles of "God is Love" is open mouthed sharing principles that will bless and inspire everyone of every age, gender, race and religion. Ghandi was inspired by Jesus Christ as was MLK, Jr. 

The Entire Plan 

Sometimes when you know what you are trying to accomplish is so important and needs to be done right you just have to go for it and trust God to put the team together. If you are interested in helping please contact us.

​We will be launching a $30+M crowdfund on MLK day 2019 anniversary of MLK speech: I have a Dream - "Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain!"  We cannot allow the thousands of visitors and future generation youth to be brainwashed that the worst mistake in USA history of Civil War and that all non-Georgian Confederate soldiers supporting non-Christian, unconstitutional slavery are better than what Georgia native  MLK, Jr. preached and helped accomplish! 

"Preserving the Past, Healing the Present, Honoring the Future!

MLK, Jr. Carving 

MLK Carving 

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$30+M Crowd Fund Launching  

MLK "I Have  Dream" speech anniversary  Aug  2020

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MLK, Jr. Cultural Building 

Immersive 3D teaching and motivational experience of  historical, present and future  great blacks and contribution to Georgia and World. 

​MLK, Jr. on Stone Mountain

Cultural Building 

Immersive 3D cultural experience sharing the amazing great contributions blacks (European, American and African, etc.) have made in the leading seven  Mountains of Culture so that every American regardless of race has benefitted. A motivational example to inspire minority youth who may feel disadvantaged: Zack Anglin whose parents abandoned him when born without hands and feet was adopted by Christian white couple he calls dad and mom and became a wrestler in high school and second best in state: Underdog: Zack Anglin Story E:60 

Ongoing Social Transformation

Great Prayer and Social Group:

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